On the occasion of seasonal holidays Šiaulių bankas announces a payment card campaign


Since today Šiaulių bankas announces its payment card campaign which is to last until January 31st  next year. During the campaign clients who acquire “Visa Classic”, “Visa Gold”, “MasterCard Standard” and “MasterCard Gold” payment cards or extend their agreements will be released from a card-servicing fee for the first year of the useful life of a card as well as from the fee applied while granting a credit limit or increasing it during the credit limit period.

“Recently payment cards are becoming more and more important part of every day life which ensures comfort. Settlement with a payment card is not only convenient but useful as well”, - said the Director of E-banking Department of Šiaulių bankas Kristina Šmidtienė.

“Visa Classic”, “Visa Gold”, “MasterCard Standard” and “MasterCard Gold” payment cards have numerous benefits. A credit limit may be granted to a main payment card account. “Visa Classic” and “MasterCard Standard” are granted with a renewable or permanent credit limit for a useful life of payment cards while “Visa Gold” and “MasterCard Gold” are granted with an interest-free credit limit as well. The clients having payment cards issued by Šiaulių bankas may receive discounts applied to various goods and services all over Lithuania. All they need is to provide a payment card of Šiaulių bankas or to pay with it and they shall be provided with a discount from 3 to 10 per cent. Discounts are applied to other cards of “Visa” and “MasterCard” group as well.

The clients who acquire “Visa Gold” and “MasterCard Gold” are also entitled to other privileges. They are insured against the following items free of charge: medical and legal expenses, loss and delay of baggage, loss of money, journey delay, change of documents, hijacking, emergency evacuation and repatriation. Such additional insurance is valid traveling to any country of the world (excluding Lithuania). It is exceptional convenient as you my save the time which would be wasted providing you addressed the insurance companies. Moreover, children who are 16 or younger and travel together with cardholders are also insured against accidents whilst on journey abroad.