Numismatic coinset of circulating coins, dedicated to the commemoration of January 13, 1991 events, may be ordered in Šiaulių bankas


On 10 January this year the Bank of Lithuania issued a numismatic coinset of circulating coins of the 2011 issue with a commemorative sign, dedicated to the commemoration of tragic events of January 13.

Numismatic coinset of shining plane and relief surface coins quality is composed of 10, 20, 50 centas and 1, 2, 5 Litas with commemorative sign of copper and nickel alloy incorporated in it, dedicated to twentieth commemoration of the January 13, 1991 events.

You can order numismatic coinset in all the outlets of Šiaulių bankas AB and in the cash office of the Bank of Lithuania in Vilnius (Totorių str. 2/8) as well as in the outlets of the Bank of Lithuania in Kaunas (Maironio str. 25) and Klaipėda (Naujoji Uosto str.16).