Nominations of the Optimal Choice and the Car of the Year 2016 went to the Opel Astra


The winners of the Car of the Year have been announced on Saturday in Belmontas entertainment and recreation centre in Vilnius. The nomination of the Optimal Choice established by Šiaulių Bankas to the most practical car went to the German model Opel Astra which has been recognized as the best car of the year.

"The competition of the Car of the Year this year turned nineteen - it has become a nice Lithuanian tradition and we, being the Lithuanian bank, are the partners and active participants of this competition for the first time. We have established a nomination to a car, relation between a price and quality of which is the most optimal. After careful selection of the eight potential candidates the last word was delegated to people voting on-line. Being  a convenient, safe, economic Opel Astra received the biggest number of likes which is especially suitable to residents and employees of the companies", - said Chairman of the Board and Director General of Šiaulių Banko Lizingas UAB Mindaugas Rudys announcing the nominee of Šiaulių Bankas at the end of the competition.

Seeking to provide more opportunities to residents and companies to acquire the best car of the year 2016  Šiaulių Banko Lizingas offers special leasing agreement conditions in 2016 to those who will decided to purchase an Opell Asta:

Administration fee

0 %

Period of the Agreement

up to 60 months

Initial payment

10 % from a property price

Annual interest

EURIBOR + margin 2,79 %, however, not less than 2,99 %

Example: if a total issued credit amount is EUR 14 611,00 , a  period of 60 months and variable interest rate of EURIBOR + margin 2,79 %, however, not less than 2,99 %, an administration fee of EUR 0,00,  an initial payment of EUR 1461.10, then a total credit amount paid by the borrower will comprise EUR 15 634.90 , amount of partial instalments - EUR 236.23, BVKKMN will be 3.03 %. (The conditions shall apply from 05/12/2015 to 31/12/2016 purchasing the winner of the Optimal Choice and the Card of the Year 2016).

In case of any enquiries regarding financing please feel free to fill LEASING ENQUIRY or visit to the representative office of Šiaulių Banko  Lizingas.