New payment procedures for Šiaulių bankas customers


Please be advised that from 1 April, Šiaulių bankas changes payment procedure.

For these changes to be implemented, technical works will be carried out, so from 31 March 12.00 pm till 2 April (inclusively) it will not be possible to make payments according to payment  (fee) templates. As of 31 March 12.00 pm, the possibility of payment with the means of Vilnius and Klaipėda passbook will no longer be available.

During this period, customers will be able to pay utility bills by selecting SEPA transfers. During payment transfer, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the service provider: enter the service provider-provided user identification number and other relevant data.

What will change on 1 April?

No more payments under passbooks, payment for utility services will be available in several ways:

- Via online banking system SB Linija, under Transactions, select Payments and specify the desired service provider;

- Order e-invoice service.

• Service providers are classified more handily. In the online banking system SB Linija, service providers will be classified according to their activities, rather than by regions. Customers will be able to easily make search for the desired supplier.

No cash contributions will be accepted in the bank’s units  without the account. Therefore, the customers who usually come to the bank branch to make payments will be asked to subscribe to a service plan and payment card security program and will be able to pay online for free.

Free payments for service plan users

Customers who use the daily service plans can pay contributions under Payments and make payments in euros free of charge.

For those who still have not chosen service plans, we invite to choose one of four Šiaulių Bankas’ service plans: TRADITIONAL, MODERN, MAXIMUM or FOR THE YOUTH.

What else is important to know?

If the service provider is not included in the online banking system, or it does not provide e-invoices, payment of utility bills can be selected under SEPA Transfers and in accordance with the instructions of the service provider.

Automatic e-invoice payment service is free, and e-invoice payment by one-time transfer is applied SEPA transfers in euro rates.

Contact phone 1813 (when calling from abroad +370 37301337).


Šiaulių Bankas