New fees for some of the services shall come in force since 4 August this year


We kindly remind that since 4 August 2017 new fees  and terms that apply to fund transfer, cash transactions, credits (for private customers), payment cards, conditional payments  and other services  shall come into force. In order to ensure the cost clarity for its customers,  the bank  has adjusted pricing of some fees provided  in the pricing list as well as wording and footnotes.

We have informed on the expected amendments earlier.

You are welcome to get familiar with the effective fees. 

The complete list of fees applicable to services and transactions of Šiaulių Bankas is available here.  

Clients who agree with the amendments to Šiaulių Bankas service fees do not need to take any actions Clients who  disagree with the amendments to service fees have a right to terminate the bank account or payment card issuance agreement  as it is foreseen by the General Rules for the Provision of Services of Šiaulių Bankas by informing the bank in writing prior to the effective day of the updated fees.

We kindly remind that termination of agreements  does not exempt from the obligations to the bank assumed prior to the date of termination and their due implementation. It is deemed that the Client agrees with the published amendments if he does not inform the Bank regarding his disagreement prior to the effective day of the amendments.