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  • New image strategy of Šiaulių bankas: to be closer to the client

New image strategy of Šiaulių bankas: to be closer to the client

Šiaulių bankas introduced a new image strategy, visual identity and the slogan “Your bank is closer to you”. The new image highlights the bank's strengths: close customer relationship, openness and flexibility. Šiaulių bankas developed the image concept with the design agency Andstudio.

“The new image strategy of Šiaulių bankas is based on the bank's strong customer relationship, openness and flexibility. We strive to emphasize the uniqueness of our bank - we are closer to the customer and as a Lithuanian bank with the largest branch network in the whole country, we pay great attention to human communication. We understand our clients, their needs and situations well, and make decisions on the spot”, said Paulius Pocius, Director of Marketing and Communication Department of Šiaulių bankas.

According to P. Pocius, the main banks of the country are focused on digital customer service channels, reducing the network of customer service units. However, the rapid digitalisation of financial services has led banks to lose their personal and trust-based customer relationship. Financial services are often complex and clients expect a human connection from the bank - listening, understanding and providing valuable advice.

Therefore, Šiaulių bankas takes the view that the customer must receive equally good service quality in all customer service channels, both digital and in the bank branch. It is the orientation towards the customer's needs and the importance of human connection that is reflected in the new image of Šiaulių bankas.

Modern visual identity

A dynamic graphic line emphasizing human contact and sincere relationship between the bank and the client became the main focus of the new visual identity of Šiaulių bankas. The photos used by the bank will increasingly focus on the faces of real bank employees and customers. According to P. Pocius, the versatile line, colour palette and style of the pictures create a seamless and personal visual language that emphasizes professionalism combined with attentiveness to the client's needs.

The new visual style will be used throughout the bank’s information and promotional environment. A closer look at the new image can be found in the introduction videoclip.

Along with the new image is the culture of volunteering

To introduce the new image Šiaulių bankas has launched an advertising campaign, which emphasizes the new slogan “Your bank is closer to you”. Outdoor billboards, online ads and social media messages introduce the bank's new visual style and creatively provide financial advice to residents. Image campaign was created by the agency TRUTH.

“When we created this campaign together with our client, we decided not to show our clients abstract clips or splurge any meaningless slogans. As a result, in the ads there will be friendly tips and suggestions relevant here and now. In fact, it will be difficult to see two identical advertisements, as there are as many as dozens of them”, said Mantas Velykis, creative director at TRUTH.

However, first of all, the new image of the company was presented to the employees of Šiaulių bankas, therefore, along with it, the volunteering program was introduced.
“We wanted the new image for employees to be more than just new colours and images: the new image was to mark a new stage in the maturity of the organization. We are proud to be a Lithuanian bank, so we have decided to foster community-based volunteering initiatives. I am delighted that this idea has received a great deal of support and involvement from our employees”, said P. Pocius.

Following the presentation of the new image, employees were invited to work on a flexible schedule on October 25 and devote part of the day to volunteering. Employees could register for the volunteering they wanted: becoming a food bank volunteer, managing Cross Hill, Bernardine Garden in the capital, Aukštieji Šančiai Cemetery in Kaunas, etc.

A team of more than 320 employees gathered for volunteering and volunteers spent almost 1,000 hours volunteering. “Volunteering Day exceeded expectations: we saw that for the bank's employees, social responsibility is not empty words, but meaningful activities”, emphasized the Marketing and Communication Director of Šiaulių bankas.