Mortgage loans in even more favourable terms


Starting September 1st 2007 Šiaulių bankas has been providing mortgage loans in even more favourable conditions, i.e. it will be easier to the bank’s clients to purchase or repair their accommodations.

Since this autumn a mortgage loan at Šiaulių bankas is not longer limited neither by minimal nor maximum amount  - a credit size depends on the client’s and his/her family’s income, a value of the purchased accommodations and the value of the mortgaged assets.

The bank has also extended the maximum period for loan. Previously clients, who took the loan to purchase a house, flat or to repair it, gained the financial liabilities for twenty-five years. At the moment they have an opportunity to extend their credit repayment schedule for five years more as from the 1st of September the maximum period allocated for mortgage loan repayment is prolong to 30 years. When the total credit has been taken, a grace period may last up to 12 months.

It is not imperative to use the total amount of credit at once - in case of necessity it is possible to take it in portions during the first year. Another convenient thing is that while repaying the loan the monthly repayment amount made by the client becomes smaller as it is calculated from the factual credit balance.

In case a client decides to prepay the credit it will not cost him/her any prepayment fee. Besides, taking the mortgage loan client may take the advantage of income tax exemption.

The employees of Šiaulių bankas give consultations to the clients and calculate the possible sizes of the mortgage loans, monthly payments and possible terms of repayment with expedition.

It is possible to gain a mortgage loan in any outlet of Šiaulių bankas. It is good to have your own place not only under the Sun but also under the roof.