More than 50 tones of euro coins were brought to Šiaulių bankas for exchange


After a little more than a week since the beginning of the New Year, Šiaulių bankas has already exchanged more than LTL 200 million into euros. The Lithuanian bank firmly stands among the top three institutions that are most actively engaged in exchanging the cash in litas to euro cash. According to this indicator Lietuvos paštas is the first on the list.  More that one billion litas has been exchanged in Lithuania during the mentioned period.

Šiaulių bankas  exchanges a little bit more than LTL 35 million litas per day in average. A record  was achieved on 2 January  when the amount of litas exchanged into euros exceeded LTL 39 million.

At the end of the previous year, before the euro adoption, Šiaulių bankas brought euro coins from the Bank of Lithuania the total amount of which reached 48 tones. During the first week of the New the bank has  brought almost 6 tones additionally. During these days we have been working very intensively, providing services to the huge number of people as it is very convenient to the residents to visit the bank with the biggest number of the customer service points in Lithuania - the bank's outlets operate in 39 town throughout Lithuania. "We are glad to see that the preparation of Šiaulių bankas for the euro adoption met the clients' expectation - the process of  the national currency changeover is running smoothly", - says Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas Vytautas Sinius. 

According to the Bank of Lithuania there was about EUR 1.25 billion (50.4 %) and LTL 1.23billion (49,6 %) in circulation as of 9 January. It means that the amount of litas and euros in circulation has equalled. Litas can be exchanged in euros  free of charge almost in 700 exchange locations : in commercial banks, Bank of Lithuania, crredit untis and in the outlets of Lietuvos paštas.

Šiaulių bankas focuses its activities on small and medium-sized business and provision of financial services to private customers. Currently Šiaulių bankas operates trough 74 client service branches all over Lithuania.