Moody’s assigned Ba3 for a Long-term Deposit Rating to Šiaulių Bankas


On 23rd June this year the International Rating Agency “Moody’s” assigned a  Ba3 rating for long-term deposits, a NP rating for short-term deposits and a D- rating for finacial strength. The Bank’s market share is fairly stable.

The ratings assigned to Šiaulių bankas indicating the stable market share, possessed experience in provision of banking services to small and medium sized businesses, a positive influence of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to the improvement of banking activities as well as good liquidity ratios of the Bank are revealed in the Press Release published by Moody’s agency.

“We have been continually increasing the Bank’s capital base and improving the risk management in banking activities during the recent years, therefore we have successfully entered into international share and bond markets. All this leads to the further development of the Bank and enables increase in the efficiency of banking activities” – stresses CEO Algirdas Butkus.