Meeting with the Businessmen from Sweden at the Business Plan Tournament


On June 1st the representatives of Swedish organization “Foretagarna Skaraborg” arrived in Vilnius at the Business Club arranged by the Business Plan Tournament to share their experience with the beginning businessmen in Lithuania. They made presentations on the incentives of their organization put into the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Sweden while the businessmen who came together presented their enterprises and the histories of their establishment.

Šiaulių bankas is a general sponsor of the Business Plan Tournament as well as an undertaker and organizer of this meeting. The goal of the meeting was to introduce the conditions of small and medium-sized businesses in Sweden to the tournament participants, also, to present opportunities for business development in other countries of the European Union and to share their experience.

The “Foretagarna Skaraborg” organization unifies more than 55 thousands of private enterprises, 21 Chamber of Industry and Crafts and Business Associations and seeks to organize the best conditions for the establishment, management, development of Swedish business companies as well as their rights protection and establishment of business relations within Sweden and abroad.

“We have agreed that “Foretagarna Skaraborg” will invite the tournament winners as well as several business employers who have recently started their businesses and whose companies belong the confederation for the responsive visit to Sweden in order to get familiar with business conditions in this country immediately and to make useful business contacts” - says one of the organizers the Regional Director of Šiaulių bankas Viktoras Budraitis.