Living in a style of Šiaulių Bankas


Šiaulių Bankas – a partner for a small and medium-sized business that is going to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary in February next year made a successful start in Jonava in September this year.

After having exploring the success for several months, today Šiaulių Bankas has invited the community of Jonavos town to the official opening – after the symbolical ripping up a strip of the Jonavos Client Service Centre, the attendance were introduced with the general activities of the Bank, informed about the provided services and campaigns organized on the occasion of the official opening of the Bank’s subdivision.

It became a tradition that Šiaulių bankas as a socially responsible company developing its network all over Lithuania comes to every town with a special gift. The gift which is really necessary and which is expected by somebody very much. Stepping to Jonava Šiaulių bankas has paid its attention to two regional educational institutions of Jonava – granted computers to the schoolchildren of Žeimių and Ruklos secondary schools. The Bank pays a lot of attention to the implementation of the information technologies as well.

The opening of the CSC was a celebration to the first clients of Šiaulių bankas in Jonava. Two citizens of Jonava – to Virmanta Panceriene who was the first to place a deposit and to Algirdas Kmieliauskas who was the first to take a credit – were granted with the special prizes. The first enterprise “Ruchlita” UAB to open its account at Jonavos Client Service Centre was also presented with the diploma “The First Corporate Client as well as the special prize. Three more citizens of Jonava have won payment cards Visa Gold and Visa Classic with the balances on the account in the lottery organized by the Bank.

The shower of presents is not going to stop all year round – the service fee will not be applied for the whole year to the payment cards MasterCard Standard and Visa Classic issued at Jonavos CSC from November 15 to December 15.
The Head of Jonavos Client Service Centre Vaidas Vrubliauskas says that Šiaulių bankas comes to Jonava with its rich experience, formed style of activities, good traditions and offering the full package of the financial services.

In Jonavos Client Service Centre, which is located in the center of the town, the citizens will be able to use all the services provided by Šiaulių bankas: to pay various taxes and fees, to exchange currency, to receive a credit or to place a deposit. The Bank provides its services to the citizens of Jonava and the guests of the town on business days from 8 am to 4 pm without a lunch break.

Jonava is only one more step forward of Šiaulių bankas. The Bank is rapidly expanding all over Lithuania. At the moment the Bak has 49 subdivisions operating in 29 towns of Lithuania. This year Šiaulių bankas has had housewarming parties in Biržai and Ukmergė, and one more Client Service Centre has been opened in Šiauliai.