Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and representatives of Šiaulių bankas agree that business needs some attention and support


In the middle of the summer and in the high season of vacations business is slowing down a little - such respite is working in favour for incubation of new ideas and discussions over new possible projects.  Therefore the representatives of Šiaulių bankas: Head of Vilnius region - Director of Vilnius branch Rimvydas Mockus, Director of Corporate Clients of Vilnius region Kęstutis Grinius and project manager Viktoras Budraitis met the representatives of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and members of Praesidium: Director General Gediminas Rainys, Deputy Director General Vytautu Kudzys as well as business consultants Rasa Vogelius and Saulius Žilinskas.

The possibilities to attract innovations, trends of usage of the structural funds provided by the European Union for 2014-2020, new business funding opportunities, and alternative business financing sources have been discussed over the meeting alongside with the solutions that enhance fund raising potential and financing possibilities of renovation projects - it is well known that Šiaulių bankas is the major bank providing funding to JESSICA programme projects.

Šiaulių bankas - the biggest Lithuanian capital bank - introduced the industrialists with the bank's financial products and opportunities to the clients allowing taking advantage of the state supported financing provided to business.

The representatives of the Confederation of Industrialists revealed the business needs for crediting and its exceptions regarding the implementation of financial engineering and related facilities.  Both parties agreed to place the offers of Šiaulių bankas related to lending and other bank's products on the website of Confederation of Industrialists as well as to discuss mutually the proposals to be provided to the Government and Ministry of Economy regarding the more efficient support to small and medium-sized business (SMEs).