Lithuanian business fostering was an object of interest in Brussels


Head of Vilnius region of Šiaulių bankas Viktoras Budraitis among other representatives of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and Lithuanian Business Employees’ Confederation took part in the meeting of the European business tops that has been arranged to dispute the results achieved during 50 years since the establishment of the European Economic Community.

The representative of Šiaulių bankas was particularly interested in state of business in Europe as well as opportunities to foster it. Talking of small and medium-sized business development prospects, special emphasis was put on financial engineering instruments such as micro-credits, venture capital, guaranties, grants, mezzanine financing and the importance of development using support from the structural funds. “Meetings with the representatives of Lithuania who work in the EU institutions as well as with the member of the European Commission, a commissioner, Dalia Grybauskaite were particularly useful. Šiaulių bankas is going to employ the relationships and received information creating new banking products for small and medium-sized business” - said Viktoras Budraitis. The EU economic collaboration and achievements of Lithuania were discussed in Brussels as well.

The business development prospects in Europe for 2007-2013 and for the longer period of 50 years have been discussed during this high level meeting of the European business leaders. The implementation of the Lisbon strategy as well as development of the sustainable economy creating Europe which would provide welfare to all the member states of the EU were mentioned as the main objectives.

The President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barosso, the prime ministers of the European countries, senior management of the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund as well as the heads of various business associated structures and the representatives of the big international companies made their presentations during the three-day conference held under the slogan “Reform to perform: Europe is our Business”.