Lessons of Entrepreneurship in Sweden


The delegation of Lithuanian Business Employers’ Confederation under the leadership of Viktoras Budraitis, Regional Director of Šiaulių bankas for Vilnius region, paid three-day visit to Lidköping town in Sweden

The representatives of the Northern Town Technology Park (Vilnius) and three winner of the traditional Business Plan Tournament went to Sweden as well.

The main emphasis of the visit was to strengthen business relationship between Swedish and Lithuanian businesspeople, to encourage young businesspeople that have just graduated from universities and have mature business ideas to establish new enterprises.

“It was an opportunity for the young people that are coming to business to establish perspective collaboration, to find new original ideas how to work and meet with often very ambitious realities of the market. The individual consultancies provided to the businesspeople by the experienced Swedish specialists as well as their remarks how to start and develop business successfully will certainly come in useful in future”, - says Viktoras Budraitis, the representative of Šiaulių bankas.

Meetings with Swedish Business Employers’ Confederation, technology parks, banks and business representatives showed that there is huge and mutual interest, while contacts and willing to share the experience could be a good start to the collaboration. It is especially critical to Lithuanian businesspeople that seek to establish joint enterprises, to export production and to sue the structural funds of the European Union, which are projected to finance innovative projects, as effective as possible.

In the nearest future it is projected to prepare a project of the agreement of collaboration between Lithuanian and Swedish business structures for 2007-2013.