Insurance conditions while travelling abroad are changing


Please be informed that from September 1, 2012 the insurance conditions applied for travelling abroad are changing.

Šiaulių bankas and Insurance agency „PZU Lietuva“ concluded the Insurance Agreement regarding loss incurred during the journey, on the basis of which the cardholders of the credit payment cards „Visa Gold“ and „MasterCard Gold“ issued by Šiaulių bankas have been insured by the insurance agency „PZU Lietuva“ UAB.

During their journeys the cardholders and their family members traveling together are insured against the medical expenses, accidents, evacuation, and repatriation, also against loss and delay of the baggage and delay of the journey itself.

Type of Journey

„Visa Gold“ / „MasterCard Gold“

Insurance of  medical expenses

EUR 60 000

Insurance against accidents (in the event of death or disability)

EUR 10 000

Insurance against delay of baggage

EUR 480

Insurance against delay of journey

EUR 300

Insurance against loss of baggage

EUR 1000 (unconditional deduction EUR 50)