Information to the former Ūkio bankas customers regarding the direct debit agreements (consents)


According to the agreement signed on February 23, 2013 among Šiaulių bankas, the temporary administrator of Ūkio bankas and the state undertaking „Deposit and Investment Insurance“ Šiaulių bankas shall take over the part of Ūkio bankas‘ assets and liabilities, however, the contractual liabilities with the third parties including the direct debit service agreements (consents) signed with the suppliers of services or customers of Ūkio bankas, shall not be taken over.

After suspending the activities of Ūkio bankas, the agreements (consents) provided to Ūkio bankas regarding provision of the direct debit service (writing off funds from your accounts with Ūkio bankas for the rendered services) are vitiated and terminated automatically - no transaction could be performed therein.

We would like to emphasize that the former clients of Ūkio bankas do not have to address either Ūkio bankas or the supplier of service in order to terminate the direct debit service agreements (consents) - this shall be done automatically.

We would like to remind that if until February 12, 2013 when the activities of Ūkio bankas were suspended the direct debit payment had not been carried out from your account with Ūkio bankas, then such payment for the previous month has to be executed in other way sufficient to you - in cash or by payment order. If you further prefer using the direct debit service, you have to conclude a new direct debit agreement in the nearest outlet of Šiaulių bankas or in other bank registered in Lithuania or at the service supplier‘s office.

If the direct debit payments used to be written off from the clients‘ accounts opened not in Ūkio bankas, but in other banks registered in Lithuania, all the agreements (consents) regarding the direct debit service concluded with „Ūkio banko lizingas“ UAB, „Ūkio banko investicijų valdymas“ UAB, „Ūkio banko investicinė grupė“ UAB and life insurance „Bonum Publicum“ UAB remain valid.