In autumn Siauliu bankas shall grant state-supported credits to students at favourable conditions


Siauliu bankas shall start rendering the state-supported credits to the students that have addressed the State Studies Foundation (SSF) and received confirmation regarding the credit granted to cover the living expenses or to pay for the partial studies abroad.

The students taking the credit for studies will be able repaying it within 15 years, while the repayment of the credit is going to start one year after graduation or termination of the studies. Siauliu bankas will not apply any additional fees to those who will decide to repay the credit prior to its defined maturity .The annual interest for the credit which will consist of 3-month VILIBOR + 2,2 per cent of the bank‘s margin, the high school students shall start repaying right after the disbursement of the first portion of the loan.

Students who will take the credit for studies in Siauliu bankas will be exempt from the fees applicable to analysis of documents, administration as well as from the  commitment fee. The Bank shall issue payment cards to which the funds to cover the living expenses and partial studies abroad will be transferred. While the amount assigned to pay for the studies, the Bank shall transfer directly to the educational institution.

The day on which the application for the state-supported credits will be accepted  is going to be published on the website of the SSF website not later than on August 20, 2012. At the end of the summer the exact dates when the students will be able to start applying for the credit of studies in Siauliu bankas shall be announced.

The students interested in state-supported credit are always welcome to visit the nearest outlet of Siauliu bankas and to receive more detailed information regarding granting of the state-supported credits.