In autumn, part of Šiaulių Bankas fees will change and some of the services will expand the rage of provided opportunities


Taking into account the competitive market and the customers’ needs, also,  seeking to provide more opportunities for the customers, in autumn Šiaulių Bankas will amend the fees of some services  and will offer  more flexible conditions for cash withdrawal at ATMs 

New cash withdrawal options at ATMs

To make the customer servicing more convenient and to foster the clients to take advantage of their service plans since 1 September this year the Debit Mastercard holders whose cards are linked to the such service plans as Maximum, Traditional and For the Youth will be able to use the free limit for cash withdrawal not only in the joint network ATMs but also in other ATMs in Lithuania and worldwide.

The fees which shall increase after 01 November 2017

After exceeding a cash amount subject to free withdrawal  or a limit set to the number of transactions  a fee  of 2 per cent  (min. EUR 3) specified in the service plans shall apply since September.  If the client ordered the service plan before 31 August 2017, the amendment to this fee shall apply since 01 November 2017.

The currency exchange rate, applicable while paying or withdrawing cash with the payment card when the transaction currency differs from the account currency,  will increase from 2 per cent to 2.5 per cent.

For private clients using credit cards, the minimum fee for cash withdrawals in ATMs of the joint network (Nordea / Danske / Citadele / Šiaulių bankas) will increase from Eur 1 to Eur 3, however,  the fee rate as the percentage will remain unchanged and will amount to 2%.

Please also be reminded

Starting from 7 September this year the fees applicable to the credits issued to private clients and their application will change.

The new fees which will come in force are available here.

In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact us by tel. 1813 ( +370 37 301 337 when calling from abroad),  e-mail to or visit any customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas.

Clients who agree with the amendments to Šiaulių Bankas service fees do not need to take any actions Clients who  disagree with the amendments to service fees have a right to terminate the bank account or payment card issuance agreement  as it is foreseen by the General Rules for the Provision of Services of Šiaulių Bankas by informing the bank in writing prior to the effective day of the updated fees.

We kindly remind that termination of agreements  does not exempt from the obligations to the bank assumed prior to the date of termination and their due implementation. It is deemed that the Client agrees with the published amendments if he does not inform the Bank regarding his disagreement prior to the effective day of the amendments.