If you take a credit for studies in Šiaulių bankas - you can win iPad


Šiaulių bankas, having won the selection announced by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, will start granting credits for payment of studies, subsistence expenses and partial studies abroad for the third consecutive time in autumn.

This year, for the first time, students, who will receive state guaranteed credits for payment of studies in Lithuania and partial studies abroad, would not be required to pay interests: State Studies Foundation will pay them. Having received a credit students will have to repay it not later than within a year following the end or drop-out of studies.

“We are seeking that as much young people as possible could acquire the necessary knowledge and reveal their unlimited possibilities, thus, we provide credits for studies at favorable conditions: Šiaulių bankas does not apply credit administration, analysis of documents and liability fees for these credits. If a student prefers, it is possible to repay a credit in advance: additional fee is not also applied. Besides, students having signed agreements on credit for state guaranteed studies in Šiaulių bankas this autumn can win flatbed iPad computers preferred by youth”, says Arūnas Užupis, the Head of Retail Banking division of Šiaulių bankas.

Students having received a positive answer regarding the provision of state guaranteed credit from a State Studies Foundation are invited to apply to Šiaulių bankas. Preferential credits with a lower than market price interests are provided to students of state and not state higher education institutions who did not enter the state-supported places.

Student’s conditions are also applied to students who choose other services of Šiaulių bankas. For payment cards Visa Electron or Maestro issued free of charge the bank does not apply annual service fee, while money cashing to students does not cost anything: it is possible to withdraw money from ATMs of Šiaulių bankas at no cost. The bank has also prepared special offers on e-banking and mobile banking services to students.

More information on all the state guaranteed credits and other services to students please visit any outlet of Šiaulių bankas.