Half a hundred of Šiaulių bankas’ clients awarded as the business “gazelles”


The daily newspaper “Verslo žinios” (Business News) has published and awarded the Lithuanian business “gazelles”, i.e. the most rapidly growing enterprises of small and medium-sized business in Lithuania. There are even fifty clients of Šiaulių bankas among more than three and a half hundred companies nominated in the international project.

A few clients of Šiaulių bankas have been recognized and awarded as the business leaders in their own region - the construction company “Dauniškis ir Ko” has been awarded as “the first gazelle” in Utena region while “Mažeikių strėlė” UAB engaged in rent of construction machinery and equipment has deserved a name of “ the most light-footed gazelle” in Mažeikiai region.

Other clients of Šiaulių bankas that have been included into the list of laureate “gazelles” are engaged in various activities such as trading in construction materials, mounting of metal constructions, production of glass construction, furniture and water outflow cleaning equipment, wood processing, and installing of alarm systems. The companies that provide services of polygraph, organization of events, language teaching, rehabilitation, advertising and information technologies have also occurred among other gazelles.

“The fact that even half a hundred of companies among 375 “gazelles” are the companies of Šiaulių bankas evaluates the bank’s efforts to foster and develop small and medium-sized   business. The “Gazelle” criteria require that turnover of the companies seeking for this title would grow annually and would have increased by not less than 50 per cent during the recent four years. This means that nominated companies - the clients of Šiaulių bankas - have been rapidly developing their activities and successfully participated in various projects. We hope that they will not loose the optimism and entrepreneurship in the light of the current crisis and will operate further successfully”, - said the Deputy of the CEO and Head of Corporate and Retail Banking Division of Šiaulių bankas Daiva Kiburienė.

The “Gazelle” contest took its start five years ago. During the first year the list of “gazelles” consisted of 213 companies while in 2008 the number had increased by more than one and a half time up to 375 enterprises.