Get an SMS from your bank


Since October 15th Šiaulių bankas has started a campaign of mobile banking services. All the clients, who enter into “SMS bankas” and “SMS bankas plius” agreements until December 31st this year, shall have an opportunity to take an advantage of these services free of charge.

A various number of the bank’s operations might be performed using the mobile banking services. It is possible to transfer funds from your one bank account with Šiaulių bankas to another one, to find out an account balance, funds accepted on the account and withdrawn from it, also, to receive the information about other operations executed on your accounts.

Due to mobile banking system the clients are enabled to get the exact information via the mobile telephone regarding the accounts with the bank as well as the movements of funds there. It is convenient to use this service whenever you want and wherever you are - in Lithuania or abroad where a mobile telephone connection is operating. Information concerning all the financial transactions performed on your accounts will access you immediately, on the same minute, independent of whether you are walking down the street or you are at your working place.

“SMS bankas” is a mobile service for those who are in a hurry , who are modern and like calculating, for those who cherish their time and value the convenience. Šiaulių  bankas provides mobile banking services for twenty four hours - all you need is to have your mobile phone working. During this campaign the users of this service will have a chance to save as all moth round this service shall be provided free of charge.

The mobile services “SMS bankas” and “SMS bankas plius” may be ordered at any outlet of Šiaulių bankas and via the e-banking system “SB linija”. The benefits of the mobile banking system are available to all the subscribers of “Omnitel”, “Bee GSM” and “Tele2”.

Get an SMS not only from your friend but from your bank!