Updated General Conditions of Derivatives Transactions Contract come in force


Dear Clients, 

Please be informed that since 10 June 2019 the updated General conditions of Derivatives transactions Contract shall enter into force. We kindly invite customers who have signed this Contract to familiarize themselves with the updated conditions. They are available here. 

Clients who agree with the updated General Conditions of Derivatives Transactions do not need to take any actions. Clients who do not agree with the General Conditions of Derivatives Transactions  have the right to terminate the Derivatives Transactions Contract  by informing Šiaulių Bankas thereof in writing before the effective date of the announced amendments. It shall be deemed that the Client agrees with the published amendments if he/she does not inform Šiaulių Bankas regarding his/her disagreement prior to the effective day of the amendments. 

In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact us by tel. 1813 (+370 37 301 337 when calling from abroad) , e-mail to  fx@sb.lt or visit any customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas. 

Šiaulių Bankas