From the beginning of next year customers will be provided with electronic invoices, being a convenient alternative to direct debit


Since 1 January 2016, when Lithuania will no longer offer direct debit service which fails to meet SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) requirements, Šiaulių Bankas clients will be provided with e-invoices by utilities, telecommunications, insurance and other service providers.

Before service providers start issuing e-invoices  to Šiaulių Bankas customers, their current direct debit contracts will be replaced by automated e-invoice payment contracts: customers will not need to change these contracts.

Customers will be able to comfortably view all e-invoices received for payment by logging into Internet banking system SB linija. In the system, they will be able to choose their preferred method of payment, determine the payment terms and monitor their status.

E-invoice is a practical way to settle accounts with service providers, particularly by selecting automatic payment: on the day set by the customer the required amount will be automatically transferred to the specified payee. Besides that, such e-invoice payment is at no cost. It will be possible to pay e-invoice  by usual one-time transfer of funds at any time of the day by clicking a single button: filling in the payment form is not required. Typical rates of transfer in euro will apply when paying this way.

E-invoice service is also available for the customers who are not using SB linija. They can come to the desired branch of the bank and subscribe to e-invoice submission in the branch as well as to set up an automatic payment agreement. If necessary, the bank staff can print e-invoice.

Bank customers who do not use the direct debit service but are willing to pay for the services in the new way, can book e-invoice service from 4 January 2015 by logging into SB linija, in the bank branches or by applying directly to the service providers.

If you have questions, please contact Šiaulių Bankas customer service points or phone 1813 (+370 37301337 when calling from abroad).