Free cash withdrawal at all ATMs in Lithuania and worldwide for private customers of Šiaulių Bankas using payment cards


Since 1 September free cash withdrawal limit shall apply to those clients of Šiaulių Bankas who are taking advantage of such service plans as Traditional, Maximum and For the Youth not only at the joint network of ATMs but also at all ATMs in Lithuania and worldwide. 

Free cash withdrawal limit applies to the private clients'  payment cards linked to the service plans. The size of the cash limit varies depending on the plan, however,  the bank's commission fees for this service will be no longer applicable from 1 September, i.e. withdrawal of funds from all ATMs in Lithuania and worldwide will be free of charge. According to the estimations of Šiaulių Bankas providing the bank's clients with  the possibility to withdraw cash at all ATMs the availability of ATMs to users of banking service plans will increase by more than five times.

“Although there are some other trends prevailing in the financial sector, and the use of cash is shrinking somewhat, people still need such a service. The residents need cash in the case of unforeseen circumstances, when visiting other cities, while traveling. We are keen on improving the availability of this service in smaller towns, which often have only one bank’s ATM. Expanding of our bank’s ATM infrastructure would be complicated, but more flexible conditions for cash withdrawal on other banks’ ATMs will guarantee a high quality and convenient service to our customers,” says Daiva Šorienė, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių Bankas, Head of Business Development Division.

The ability to cash out is also very important when traveling to foreign countries. If there is no possibility to pay by card, and cash is urgently needed, many people are afraid to withdraw funds from ATMs abroad, because they are not always well aware of the fees for such a service. Private customers of Šiaulių Bankas, using bank service plans and payment cards, can feel calm while traveling, as the conditions of this service will be identical to those applied to ATMs of the joint banking network in Lithuania.

Šiaulių Bankas’ service plans are already among the most attractive in the market, and after the introduction of this innovation, the service plan owners will use truly exclusive service conditions.