Four customers of Šiaulių bankas were awarded with grand prizes of the "MasterCard" campaign


The "MasterCard" payment card campaign launched by Šiaulių bankas was very generous to the bank's clients - 48 traveller's bags were distributed over four months of the campaign as presents and, at the end of the campaign, four customers of the bank from Kėdainiai, Gargždai, Šiauliai and Vilnius were award with the grand prizes - laptops. All the winners of the campaign stated in unison that so far they used to be out of luck both in lotteries and games.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was made to Janina Butkienė, the client of Gargždai Customer Service Point of Šiaulių bankas who acquired a payment card only because she was persuaded by the bank's officer to take advantage of the favourable conditions of the campaign and who, as it appeared obvious later, became the winner of the grand prize. The client arrived to take her prize at the birthday's eve so the bank's officer not only granted her the present but also sincerely congratulated with the approaching personal occasion.

Another winner of the grand prize Asta Musneckienė who works at the hospital’s pharmacy was thankful to the employees of Šiaulių bankas that visited the hospital and explained the conditions of the payment card campaign in details - "the explanation was really very useful as usually a person has no time or wish to get more interested into the offered services as well as benefits brought by them. Direct communication as well as a clear provision of the information helped me make a decision to gain a "MasterCard" payment card which appeared to be so lucky", - said the woman.

Jadvyga Šustickaja arrived to take her prize in Vilnius and also did not try to hide her joy. The long-time customer of Šiaulių bankas who acquired a payment card in  Vilnius Gariūnų Marketplace customer service point thanked the bank for its "lucky hand"  as she has already considered the possibility of buying a new computer, and suddenly received a message from the bank about winning the laptop.

Pensioner Aldona Kabečienė arriving to Kėdainiai customer service point to take one of the grand prizes admitted that she did not believe in winning a prize until the last moment. "Well, now I really believe that I've won a computer which will be very useful to communicate with the family members living abroad", - told A.Kebečienė holding the granted prize in her hands.

More than half a hundred customers received presents during the „MasterCard" campaign launched by Šiaulių bankas between 11 November 2013 and 09 March 2014. We do appreciate each opportunity to meet our clients and have a personal communication wishing them the best luck and sincerely congratulating all the participants of the "MasterCard" campaign including the winners of monthly and grand prizes.