Express money transfers


Dear Customers,

Please be informed that from 20th September you will be able to carry out express transfers in Litas. The bank will execute your express transfer immediately if the payment order is produced by 3.15 p.m. The funds will reach the beneficiary latest within an hour. The fee for the express transfer is 5 LTL.

Please note that the new payment documentation forms have been confirmed since 17th August. The transition period for the introduction of these forms is until 1st January 2005. During the transition period existing payment orders will remain valid.

The new forms of payment documents can be obtained from here:

Payment order (ordinary) - A5
Payment order (complex) - A4
Debt payment order - A5
Debt payment order according to executive documents - A5

More information by phone (+370~41) 595656 (in Šiauliai) or all bank branches and Client Service Centres.