Electronic trading becomes more and more popular among the clients of Šiaulių bankas


The users of Šiaulių bankas’ “SB linija” choose electronic trading service more and more frequently, i.e. they prefer non-cash payments using the bank’s service system on the Internet.

The electronic trading system of Šiaulių bankas provides new opportunities to the  “SB linija” users such as acquisition goods at lower prices and to performance of sales independently of geographical location and time ensuring high quality of the provided services and wide range of goods.

“Electronic trading of one of the most viable and advanced Internet technologies which allows the clients of Šiaulių bankas to pay for the purchased goods or services more conveniently. Besides, all the clients receive comprehensive information about the chosen article simultaneously.  The electronic trading approach not only facilitates the purchasing process but also allows performing the entire payments quickly, comfortably and safely. The list of electronic shops that are engaged in partnership with Šiaulių bankas is intensively expanded and filled with new and most popular Internet shops”, - says Kristina Šmidtienė, the Director of E-banking Department of Šiaulių bankas.

After choosing goods and services the “SB linija” clients only have to indicate that they wish to perform their payments through Šiaulių bankas payment system, which shall address them directly to the electronic trading payment module of Šiaulių bankas. After connecting to the “SB linija” client is provided with a filled payment order and after its confirmation the bank shall automatically perform an operation and inform the seller about the successful transfer of funds.

The list of electronic trading partners of Šiaulių bankas includes many useful addresses: e-shop of computers and household utilities www.gerakaina.lt, electronic document signing system www.eparasas.lt, designed for inhabitants and companies of Lithuania, Internet payment system www.mokejimai.lt, and www.deiza.net that sells various goods and services on the Internet. The “SB linija” users may quickly and safely insure their transport means with the obligatory civil insurance on the website www.epolisas.lt. The list shall be soon complimented by even more items such as aerial ticket network www.flylal.com, SMS sending system www.gsms.lt, one of the most popular acquaintanceship portal www.draugas.lt, a leasing service company www.sblizingas.lt and other links.

The list of electronic trading partners is provided on Šiaulių bankas’ website www.sb.lt.