Electronic Population Census from now on electronically using SB linija


During March-May this year general population and housing census will be carried out, which is organized every ten years. This year people will have a possibility to complete a census electronically using Internet service system of the Bank SB linija. Electronic census will last for a period of two weeks - from 1 March to 14 March.

With the beginning of population survey we do invite all the persons to be active and to complete the census electronically, because it is modern, convenient and fast. Having logged in to electronic census system of Department of Statistics of the Republic of Lithuania via SB linija of Šiaulių bankas it will be possible to enter data of all persons of your apartment.

Using SB linija (select E-services → Governmental E- gates in menu item); it is possible to log in to the electronic census page from 1 to 14 March via Governmental E- gates (identity card with the integrated digital certificates or personal digital certificate) or entering the data from your identity document. The data collected will be used only for the compilation of statistical information.

Census takers will visit persons who will not be completed the census electronically.

Do not wait for census takers - be modern: we do invite you to complete the census electronically!