E-mails sent by online criminals


Dear Customers,

Please be informed that Šiaulių Bankas received information about online criminals sending e-mails to customers with a link to fake e-banking website:

If you have received e-mail with such content, in order to ensure your data security please do not open the link to the webpage given and not enter the requested information: username and password. 

Please note that the e-mail refers to the false Šiaulių Bankas online banking site: make sure looking at the website address and false security certificate.

For safe access of Šiaulių Bankas online banking site login only from the following address: https://online.sb.lt/ib/site/login.

False safety certificate

Genuine safety certificate

Please be careful. If you have received such e-mail and suspect that you may have logged to the website referred by online criminals, immediately inform the bank employees, call tel. 1813, 8 800 10 007, +370 37 395 532 (from abroad).