Due to the technology updates on the information system the "SB linija" will be temporary out of order over the weekend, the bank's customer service points operating on Sundays will start rendering services after the noon


The planned updates of the information system of Šiaulių bankas and other systems will be carried out over this weekend (19-20 July) to ensure the smooth operation of the bank's systems during the Euro adoption. Due to this from 09.55 pm on 19 July (Saturday), 2014 to 05.00 pm on 20 July (Sunday), 2014 the internet banking system of Šiaulių bankas "SB linija" will be out of order, while the customer service points will be operating under the different schedule on Sunday - they will start working only from 01.00 pm.

The Euro adoption requires accurate and responsible preparation that should be made in advance, while the update of the information systems and their adjustment to the smooth functioning of the new national currency is one of the most important and difficult steps of this process.  The system rearrangement works will be carried out during the weekend when the clients' flow on the Internet banking is significantly lower. Upon necessity, the clients are recommended to execute the financial transactions in advance", - says Jonas Bartkus Head of IT Division of Šiaulių bankas.

Over the period of the IT system update the client will be able to withdraw cash from the ATMs and to pay with the payment cards at all trading and service venues as usually without any interference.

On Sunday the clients will be service at the following units of Šiaulių bankas which will start rendering services only from 01.00 pm:

  • Vilnius Akropolio customer service point (PPC „Akropolis“, Ozo str. 25, Vilnius);
  • Panoramos customer service point (PLC „Panorama“, Saltoniškių str. 9, Vilnius);
  • Kaunas Akroplio customer service point (PPC "Akroplis" Karaliaus Mindaugo pr.49, Kaunas);
  • Klaipėda Akropolio customer service point (PPC „Akropolis“, Taikos pr. 61,  Klaipėda);
  • Karaliaučiaus customer service point (PPC „Akropolis“, Aido pr. 8, Šiauliai);
  • Tilžės customer service point (PPC „Tilžė“,  Tilžės str. 225,  Šiauliai);
  • Saulės Client Service Branch (PC „Saulės miestas“, Tilžės str. 109, Šiauliai).

Please pay your attention that three customer service points that usually operate on Sundays , i.e. Gariūnai customer service point, Gariūnai market-place customer service point in Vilnius and Eglės customer service point in Druskininkai will be closed on 20 July.

Šiaulių bankas apologizes for temporary inconveniences and appreciates its customers' understanding.

In case of any queries do not hesitate contacting the specialist of Customer information Centre of  Šiaulių bankas by 1813.