Deposit with a payment card is more profitable


Placing deposits and acquiring payment cards, since now the clients of Šiaulių bankas will have wider choice, more favourable conditions as well as ability to save more.

Šiaulių bankas offers a time deposit with a payment card to those clients who seek to earn more interest and invest their funds safely. Now this type of deposit may be placed not only with “Visa Electron” but also with “Maestro” payment card. Choosing such a time deposit a payment card is issued free of charge while 0.2 per cent higher interest is paid for the savings placed with the bank.

A time deposit with a payment card is assigned only to natural entities permanently residing in Lithuania who wish to place their deposits in litas, euros and USA dollars. A deposit period varies from three to twenty-one months.

A client does not have to terminate a deposit agreement in case he needs money - as long as a time deposit placed with a payment card is in the bank the client is able to use a credit limit with a very favourable interest rate. Besides, the interest is transferred to a “Visa Electron” or “Maestro” payment card account opened on behalf of the depositor and could be used immediately without the additional visit to the bank.

Šiaulių bankas offers other types of deposits as well. A client has an opportunity to choose the following types of deposits depending on his requirements: an accumulative, saving, time deposit or a time deposit with the variable interest rate.

An amount of the depsoits with the bank has increased by more than 18 per cent since the beginning of the year and reached almost LTL 1,1 billion as of 31st of May 2007.