Deposit interest is changing in Šiaulių bankas


Šiaulių bankas is correcting its deposit interest rates from May 21st 2009. Šiaulių bankas pays 9.4 per cent of annual interest for one-year deposits in litas, 6.9 per cent - in euros, 4.4 per cent - in US dollars.

Šiaulių bankas pays 8.7 per cent for one-month time deposits in litas, 6.2 per cent - in euros. The bigger interest, i.e. 8.8 per cent is paid for the deposits of this type placed in litas for a three-month period, 9.1 per cent - for six-month period, 9.3 per cent - for nine-month period.

The depositors who appreciate convenience and save time are able to place time and accumulative deposits via the Internet “SB linija”. Placing the deposit in this way Šiaulių bankas pays the annual interest that is by 0.2 higher. The depositors placing the one-year time deposit through the “SB linija” will be entitled to 9.6 per cent of annual interest. By 0.2 per cent higher interest is also applied to those depositors who placing the time deposit acquire “Visa Electron” and “Maestro” payment card.

The highest interest - 10 per cent - the depositors can receive by placing five-year time deposits with the variable interest rate. The attractive interest is paid for the Child’s deposit. Šiaulių bankas pays 9.7 of annual interest for this type of deposit.