Customer service center of Šiaulių Bankas operating in Tauragė has opened its doors with the renovated interior


On 15 May in  Tauragė the brand new customer service center of  Šiaulių Bankas  was opened on the corner of Bažnyčių street. The customers are greeted with a colorful and ergonomic interior – which makes their visit to the bank more comfortable and cosy. Ten bank’s units will be upgraded this year.

“The needs of the Bank's customers are changing: cash operations are decreasing, more and more customers want to consult regarding their financial issues with the bank’s specialists. Therefore, updating the interior of the bank's units, we primarily aimed to understand what is currently the most relevant for customers who visit the Bank. The Bank’s employees having direct contact with customers helped us to hear the expectations of our clientele - they were quite active in developing a new interior standard for the bank’s units. The intense debates with the employees led to clear understating of the main interior details, design of customer service and workplaces of the employees that are essential for efficient and convenient work" says Daiva Šorienė ,  Deputy CEO, Head of Sales and Marketing Department of Šiaulių Bankas, when speaking about the development of the new interior design standard.

The most important interior elements are hospitality and sustainability. The aim is to make the client who visits the Bank feel calm and comfortable: it would be easy for him to get all the necessary information and it would be convenient if he needed to wait in the queue. Much attention is paid to customer privacy - the furniture in the bank’s unit is arranged so that the serviced clients are further away from the flow of passing clients, and there is also a separate space for private consultations.

“Debating on the new interiors of Šiaulių Bankas, we wanted to reconcile modernity and tradition. Modernity is expressed through the choice of furniture and its soft shape. Whereas the chosen earthy colors symbolize traditions and durability: the sun, the earth, the greenery, the water, "says architect Artūras Imbrasas, who created the interior.

The interior of the bank unit was designed using uses natural wood, bright and warm shades, predominantly green, white, blue and brown accents. Together, these colors create a calm and safe atmosphere.

An important part of the interior is the natural moss that grows all year round. The natural part of the interior creates a feeling of coziness, refreshment and tranquility, while the green color in the interior is considered to be the most relaxing.

Tauragė customer service centre is the first unit of Šiaulių Bankas in Lithuania with such unique design. After evaluating customer feedback, all the bank branches will gradually move to the new interior style. Step by step, the Bank's units will also introduce new technological solutions that enable customers to conveniently collect information about the banking services that are topical to them. Update of the units is part of the vision of becoming the bank without paper. A coherent effort will be made to make the vast majority of services available electronically.

The new customer service center of Šiaulių bankas in Tauraė is located on Bažnyčių Str. 8

Šiaulių Bankas serves clients throughout 64 customer service points across Lithuania, with a total staff of 705 employees. The interior of Šiaulių Bankas is updated seeking to relate it with the bank’s vision of  the bank providing the best financing solutions for business ambitions and people's ideas. The vision emphasizes listening to the clients’ needs and flexibility to adapt to them.