Credit of Opportunities is a convenient solution for a new quality of life!


A campaign called a Credit of Opportunities launched by Šiaulių Bankas to its private customers will last until the autumn of the current year. During this campaign customers will be able to borrow funds at very favourable terms such as fixed annual interest rate and possibility to acquire life insurance.

"The long cherished and finally realized ideas bring a new quality to our daily life.  To those customers of our bank who have been thinking of their well-being for a while we offer to evaluate their financial capacity and, in case of necessity, to take advantage of really favourable terms applied to the Credit of Opportunities which would allow turning their ideas into reality, - said Daiva Kiburienė, Head of Business Development Division, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas.

Private clients of Šiaulių Bankas can choose as required consumer credit amount which varies from 300 euros (LTL 1035.84) to 18 thousand euros (LTL 62 150.40) and a favourable credit repayment period  from 3 months to 5 years. During the period of campaign no additional terms will apply to a consumer credit,  an interest rate margin will be fixed and one of the most favourable in the the consumer credit market offered by the banks. If a client wishes he may return a consumer credit prior to the maturity without any additional financial restrictions. 

This year, in cooperation with life insurance company Bonum Publicum UAB Šiaulių bankas suggest taking advantage of life insurance which is valid not only in Lithuania but also abroad. After paying a one-off insurance premium which depends on a size of a required consumer credit, its maturity and customer's age, a client will be insured over the entire period of credit.  In case of fatal outcome a balance of a credit outstanding to the Bank shall be repaid by Bonum Publicum.

If terms of a consumer credit are not appropriate to some of the clients, after assessment of their financial capacity they will be offered to take advantage of a credit card benefits.  During the campaign, clients will be granted the credit cards MasterCard Standard and MasterCard Gold with a free permanent credit limit. A credit up to EUR 2 100 (LTL 7 250.88) can be granted to the cardholders of the MasterCard Standard and a credit limit of EUR 5 EUR (LTL 20 026.24) to those who have MasterCard Gold.

If a client wishes to repay the used credit limit of the payment card earlier, he will be able to do it free of charge.  Besides, the cardholders of the MasterCard Standard are insured against accidents not only in Lithuania but also broad, while the holders of the prestigious MasterCardGold  and three members of their family travelling together receive insurance for a trip abroad including medical, loss or delay of baggage, travel insurance and insurance against accidents.

We would like to remind our customers that we recommend to borrow funds only after evaluation of your financial ability to repay a credit, i.e. responsibly and reasonably. In case of any questions do not hesitate visiting the nearest customer point of Šiaulių Bankas or calling at 1813.

More information on this campaign is available here.