Consumer credits in more favourable terms


Šiaulių bankas has improved consumer credit granting terms since June, it has increased the credit amont and more than twice extended the maturity period.

Taking into consideration growing needs of the clients, Šiaulių bankas has increased the maximum amount of the consumer credit up to LTL 50 thou at the beginning of the summer. The maximum maturity period of the consumer credit is also extended to clients’ convenience - from the previous 3-year period (36 months) to 7 years (84 months). At Šiaulių bankas the consumer credit interest is fluctuating from 6.9% to 9.9%.

According to the Head of Corporate and Retail Banking Division Daiva Kiburienė the lending market is expanding, therefore the bank has to provide the most favourable terms for borrowing. “Money may be needed to purchase goods, to pay for education, medicine or repair works at home. It is also needed for leisure, especially at the beginning of summer and vocation time… Granting bigger consumer credits for longer terms Šiaulių bankas allows its clients to realize their needs - some of them choose to visit the land of their dreams while others prefer to create a comfortable household,” - says D. Kiburienė.

Last year the loan portfolio of Šiaulių bankas grew more than by one third and about 77% of it was allocated to the bank’s main focus - small and medium-sized business. After the first quarter of this year the bank has granted the loans in the amount of LTL 992 million.