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Šiaulių bankas has earned LTL 11.623 million in not audited net profit within nine month of this year.

The results of the three quarters evidence that Šiaulių bankas exceeds the projected net profit by more than LTL 700 thou. In comparison with the same period last year the Bank’s net profit has increased by 65 per cent. The loan portfolio has already exceeded annual plans and reached LTL 795.2 million, according to the data as for September 30 last year, it has increased by 29 per cent. The deposits with the Bank have increased by 33 per cent.

Seeking to become a leader of small and medium-sized business in Lithuania and providing favourable conditions to small business lending, Šiaulių bankas efficiently operates in the economic market of Lithuania. “ Respect for a client, responsibility and financial services precisely focused on the market allow us earning business people’s reliance and becoming their first financial supporter,” – says the Chairman of the Board of Šiaulių bankas AB Algirdas Butkus.

During 2006 the Bank projects to earn LTL 12 million in net profit, i.e. one and a half time more than last year.
At the moment the Bank operates in 49 regional branches at 29 towns of Lithuania.





Credits (fair value)618.6659.1795.2



Net profit


*Not audited data

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Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department
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