Šiaulių bankas' clientele service quality changes are evident


In the past, the Šiaulių bankas was mainly focused on not only to prepare for the EUR introduction in Lithuania, but also to improve quality of customer service. Study performed by company Dive Lithuania (Slapto pirkėjo tyrimai UAB) showed that these efforts have yielded positive results: to compare with 2013 the banking sector customer service quality results, in 2014 Šiaulių bankas customer service quality level has risen by almost 20 percentage points.

“In order to improve the quality of customer service, in the last year we prepared and implemented a set of measures. Especially important was involvement of employees in the customer service standard development and deployment. Many bank employees contributed to improving work with customers, but we are especially thankful to bank customers service staff, whose involvement in the process and understanding of the importance of high quality customer service really gave good results, in the future we will seek to further improve,“ says Daiva Kiburienė, assistant head of Šiaulių bankas administration, head of business development division.

According to the study results, in 2014 quality of Šiaulių bankas’ clientele service was 84.8 percent. Best estimates were earned by Šiaulių bankas Klaipėda branch, Panorama customer service branch in Vilnius and Šiauliai branch. The bank was very well estimated according to customer service place and contact start criteria, it will pay more attention at disclosure of client's needs and the end of the contact.

Market comparison study carried out for already the sixth year among the banks, is sought to measure and compare the level of fulfillment of the basic criteria of service quality and sales skills of the staff. The survey is conducted in five major cities, in randomly selected branches of the Bank. The mystery shopper study conducted by Dive Lietuva UAB evaluated the bank branch environment, appearance of customer service staff, establishing contact, clarification of client’s needs, communication skills, proposal presentation and argumentation, additional sale, the end of contact.