Campaign! By 0,2 per cent higher annual interest for the deposit with a payment card and insurance


From October 30th 2009 Šiaulių bankas starts the campaign during which you will be paid by 0.2 per cent higher interest for the time deposits if you place a time deposit with a payment card Visa Electron with insurance.

“The favourite depositors’ bank product “Deposit with a payment card” will gain more advantages. The depositors will receive not only higher interest, but at the same time will be insured by the accident insurance up to LTL 10 thou. for three years. The issue of joint payment card of Šiaulių bankas and “Lietuvos draudimas” and the accidents insurance, valid all around the world, are free of charge to the client”, - said the Director of Banking Products Department of Šiaulių bankas Asta Mažulienė.

The depositors, who placed the deposit with this payment card, will be able not only to borrow, but also to earn - for the balance of the payment card account is paid attractive 4 per cent of annual interest.

The campaign is going on until December 31st 2009.

The advantages and conditions of the Visa Electron payment card with insurance.