Business hours of Šiaulių bankas on March 10th – 11th 2009


Dear Clients,

Please be informed that on March 10th 2009 (Tuesday)  Šiaulių bankas shall work one hour less than on usual business day. On March 11th (Wednesday)  - Restoration of Lithuanian Independence - Šiaulių bankas shall not work.

The following outlets of Šiualių bankas will work on March 11th (Wednesday):

In Šiauliai:

Tilžės client service center, Tilžės str. 225 (supermarket „Tilžė“), on usual business hours;

Karaliaučiaus client service centre , Aido str. 8 (supermarket Šiaulių „Akopolis“),on usual business hours as well.

AB Šiaulių bankas