Business hours of Siauliu bankas on July 5-6, 2012


Dear Clients,

On July 6, commemorating an important holiday to the Lithuanian nation - the Lithuanian Statehood and Coronation of King Mindaugas Day - we look back to our history with respect.

Please be informed that on the holiday, i.e. on July 6, Siauliu bankas will be closed, except the outlets which will be working  according their usual business hours:

In Siauliai:
Tilzes client service centre (Tilzes str. 225, Siauliai, supermarket „Tilze“)
Karaliauciaus client service centre (Aido str. 8, Siauliai, supermarket „Akropolis“)
In Klaipeda:
Client service centre in Akropolis (Taikos pr. 61, Klaipeda).

At weekend, on July 7 and 8, all outlets of the bank will be working according their usual schedule.

Please be also informed that on the eve of the holiday, on July 5, all outlets of Siauliu bankas will be working by one hour less.

Have a nice holiday!
Siauliu bankas