Baltic Securities Market Awards: Šiaulių Bankas is among the best stock exchange brokers


In the Baltic Market Awards, which are annually organized by Nasdaq, Šiaulių Bankas took the second place in the Member of the Year awards.

Member of the Year awards recognize the best stock exchange intermediary companies operating in the Baltic stock exchanges.

“2016 was particularly successful for Šiaulių Bankas’ financial markets unit: we offered an updated platform for the Baltic securities market, were among the most active stock exchange brokers. This year we plan to expand the range of services and to offer an updated trading platform outside the Baltic market. We do not intend to reduce the ambitions and plan to establish among the trade leaders in the Baltic market”, said Šiaulių Bankas’ Chief Executive Officer Vytautas Sinius.

Šiaulių Bankas was the first in the securities brokerage market last year by market maker service activities and authorized issuers’ securities account number. According to the number of exchange contracts, the bank was the fourth, and, in terms of turnover, the fifth among all Nasdaq Baltic exchanges intermediaries.

In the last year, Šiaulių Bankas’ shares received great attention from investors and were one of the most liquid in the market. According the transaction turnover, Šiaulių Bankas’ shares were lower than Tallink Grupp and Olympic Entertainment Group only. According to the share price rise, Šiaulių Bankas’ shares were also among the leaders: in the last year the bank's share price rose by 80.8 per cent.

According Šiaulių Bankas’ Chief Executive V. Sinius, in the future the bank will continue to pay great attention to relations with investors, transparency of information, will also seek that Šiaulių Bankas’ shares continued to be among the most popular shares in the Baltic market.

„For Šiaulių bankas, it is very important to be a listed company as this ensures that we are and we will be open and transparent organization, trusted by customers, partners and employees. It is equally important that investors can maximally objectively evaluate the value of the shares. Finally, stay in the regulated market allows our bank to be seen better, which it's a great value to us, and even higher obligation and impetus to achieve high standards of performance and management. And all this leads in getting better results”, V. Sinius recited the advantages.

Baltic Market Awards project is aimed to encourage companies to improve communications with investors and seek for the highest standard of information disclosure. Nasdaq Baltic, when evaluating each company individually, also gives advices. Academia, investors, financial analysts, the press, Baltic Market exchange representatives work in the Baltic Market Awards Evaluation Committee.