Baltic Mill successfully refinanced bonds of 2015


Baltic Mill AB, one of the largest holding companies in the Baltic States in the field of grain processing, has successfully distributed a two-year public bond offering of 3 million EUR, which was organized by Šiaulių bankas AB.

By this bond offering, the company has partly refinanced the two-year bonds issue of November 2015, which on 3 November 2017 was redeemed.

“We are delighted that we continue to diversify sources of funding, and that several years of work with investors bring results: we set 3.5 per cent annual interest rate on bonds that met investors' expectations. It shows the growing confidence in the group of companies and strengthens the possibilities for continuing similar transactions in the future”, said Vygantas Reifonas, Financial Director of Baltic Mill AB.

“In addition to the traditional savings measures, we are constantly striving to offer our customers alternative savings and investment solutions. The issue of Baltic Mill is a perfect example where the needs of the issuer and investors' expectations coincide: almost one hundred of retail and institutional investors invested in the public offering of bonds”, said Tomas Varenbergas, head of the Treasury and Markets Department of Šiaulių Bankas who offers the bonds.

Starting date of the bonds is 3 November 2017, redemption date is 4 November 2019.