Applications for small credits at Šiaulių bankas total in almost LTL 18 million


During two months Šiaulių bankas received 105 applications for small credits, the total amount of which reaches LTL 17,9 million. 55 from the submitted applications are confirmed by the bank and 23 enterprises have already signed the agreements with the bank.

Since the lending exemptions are very critical to the business currently, the demand for small credits in the country is very high. The applications for the small credits of the stage I at Šiaulių bankas are the most actively submitted in the biggest towns” Alytus, Vilnius, Kaunas. The present lending program was interesting mainly for those business people, who are engaged in retail trading, restaurant business, catering and etc. The amount of borrow funds fluctuates from LTL 20 thou to the maximum amount of the small credits in the I stage - LTL 175 thou. The amount of small credits of the stage I confirmed by Šiaulių bankas comprises LTL 5.8 million.

The second stage of the small credit program receives the biggest attention from the business people residing in Šiauliai, Kaunas, Vilnius that run such businesses as wholesale trading in wood, construction material and sanitarian equipment, trading in cars and lightweight engine vehicles, wholesale trading in furniture.

“Many companies address the bank regarding refunding of already existing loans, however, a portion of application are not confirmed because of this particular reason as they do not comply with the terms of small credit granting. For the present, activating the loan market and granting the credits to small and medium-sized business we can state that companies are borrowing for working capital but not for investments”, - said the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Corporate and Retail Banking Division Daiva Kiburienė.

This year in May Šiaulių bankas together with the “Investment and Business Guarantees” UAB (INVEGA) organized seminars to business representatives, where the business people form different towns were introduced to possibilities receive small credits as well as to requirements applied to them.

During the first stage of small credit granting Šiaulių bankas will re-lend LTL 8 million form the state budget funds, during the second one - LTL 35 million and assign LTL 1,6 million of its own funds. Applications regarding state supported small credits can be submitted in any outlet of Šiaulių bankas.