An exclusive offer of Šiaulių bankas to the farmers - a credit up to LTL 100 000


During the spring which means a busy season to Lithuanian farms and when, as our ancestors used to say, even a stone starts moving, Šiaulių bankas lends up to LTL 100 thou at simplified terms to the farmers and agricultural companies that are in need of funds to complete the most important works.

Spring is one of the most important seasons for those who are engaged in farming - it requires not only a lot of hours of work, physical strength, but also significant financial resources. Understanding the farmers and wishing to help them carry the burden of spring especially in cases of urgent need for money for the most important farming works we offer to benefit from a very attractive credit issued at simplified terms which could be repaid only after harvesting when the busy season is over", - says Daiva Kiburienė, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas, Head of Business Development Division.

The credits to the farmers up to LTL 100 thou issued by Šiaulių bankas can be granted in the form of a credit, credit line limit or overdraft.  The credit interest starts from 4 per cent while a promissory note or other property mutually agreed between a client and the bank will be required as a collateral. Both the farmers working individually and agricultural companies can use the credit granted by Šiaulių bankas according to their needs - to purchase seeds, fertilizers and other utilities necessary for agriculture so that the spring works are not disturbed.

Šiaulių bankas also offers  "Kreditas žemei" (a credit for land) to the farmers or agricultural companies to purchase areas of the state's land as well as "Kreditas ūkiui" (a credit for a farm) which could be repaid  using the benefits from the National payment agency.

Fore efficient and rational handling of financial affairs the farmers could take advantage of the special service packages such as „Ūkiškai“, "Ūkiškai" (Economically), „Ūkiškai PLIUS“(Economically PLUS) and „Ūkiškai PLIUS (Economically PLUS GOLD)“. Choosing one of the packages one will be able to make an unlimited number of payment orders through the Internet banking system "SB linija" to accounts with Šiaulių bankas and other banks registered in Lithuania - which is very convenient while paying for goods and services. A payment card issued to a farmer free of charge may also contain a credit limit which will be granted free of charge.  Each farmer using a special service package designed for the farmers shall be automatically insured against accidents - insurance amounts depend on the chosen package of services.

Those who are interested in the offers provided to the farmers by Šiaulių bankas are welcome in any of 76 cusotmer service points located in 39 towns and cities of Lithuanian - Šiaulių bankas' employees will advice you regarding the best fiancial solution.