Amendments to services rendered by Šiaulių Bankas and applicable fees


New services and opportunities

Since 12 December this year private customers of Šiaulių Bankas will be able to economically and conveniently use the basic banking services subscribing for one of the following service plans meeting their needs at most: Modern, Maximum,Traditional with a discount  For Loyal or For Seniors or a free plan For the Youth.

Choosing a respective plan and paying a monthly fee (between EUR 0 and EUR 3.20) the customer will be able to use the daily banking services included into that plan without any additional charge.

 The following services shall be included in each service plan:

  • account administration and credit of funds;
  • unlimited on-line transfer of funds in SEPA member states;
  • unlimited acceptance of on-line payments;
  • debit card "Debit Maestro" or "Maestro";
  • cash placement and withdrawal using the joint network ATMs (Nordea, Danske, Citadele, Šiaulių Bankas);
  • Issue of A PIN code card of the on-line banking system SB Linija.

 These service plans are worth using though not obligatory.

 Since 12 December private and corporate customers will be able to order a security programme for any of their payment cards issued by Šiaulių Bankas. It shall contain the following benefits:

  • if the funds were  illegally debited from the card account, the bank shall compensate them within 1 business day after submission of a claim;
  • cards will be blocked in a place, lost and stolen cards will be replaced by a newly issued card free of charge;
  • card PIN code can be changed free of charge in the ATMs;
  • should the card be used illegally the bank would compensate the credit limit interest and the lost amount up to EUR 3000.

A service plan and new security service will be available for subscription in the customer service points of Šiaulių Bankas and on on-line banking system SB Linija.

Amendments in fees and terms

We would like to draw Your attention that fees applicable to banking services and terms to private and corporate customers are being changed and recast will gradually come into effect by 1 February 2017. 

After the fee-related changes come into effect, one account management fee shall include a few services - account administration, credit of funds, and provision of statements via e-channels. This fee shall apply to both the bank and payment card accounts.

All changes related bank accounts, funds transfer, cash transactions, foreign exchange, checks, documentary settlements and guarantees, payment cards, electronic banking and etc. service pricing will take effect from 1 February  2017, except for the following:

  • Fees applicable to MONEYGRAM transfer of funds will come into effect from 05 December 2016;
  • Fees applicable to salary transfer services, service plans to private customers and security programme - from 12 December 2016
  • typical fees applicable to investment services, brokerage services and cash collection/delivery administration - from 02 January 2017.

For Your convenience all amendments to fees are comprehensively provided in tables and available for review:

Changes made to Šiaulių Bankas service fees 

In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact us by tel. 1813 ( +370 37 301 337 when calling from abroad) or in customer service points of Šiaulių Bankas.

We kindly remind that if you agree with theses amendments you do not need to take any further actions - you may keep using the banking services conveniently.  In case you disagree with the amendments, you have to terminate the services rendering agreements concluded with the bank immediately as it is foreseen by the General Rules for the Provision of Services of Šiaulių Bankas by informing the bank in writing prior to the effective day of the updated fees. We would like to draw your attention that termination of the agreement does not exempt from the obligations to the bank assumed prior to the date of termination and their due implementation. Failure to receive Your notification on disagreement with the amendments to the Fees shall be deemed as Your agreement.