Alanas Chošnou’s Concert – a Gift from Šiaulių Bankas to a Business Exhibition


An International Business Exhibition “Šiauliai 2006”, the general sponsor of which is Šiaulių bankas known as a partner for medium and small business, has started in Šiauliai.

Šiaulių bankas gives a nice present to all the participants and guests of the Exhibition in a form of concert of one of the best Lithuanian singers Alanas Chošnou. The finalist of Eurovision auditions, recognized by the public and receiving favourable appraisals from the foreign festivals the gallant singer will give a concert on December 2nd (Saturday) at 2 pm in Šiauliai Tennis Courts. The visitors of the Exhibitions will have opportunity not only to listen to Alanas Chošnou’s hit songs but also to receive his autograph or to win the singer’s signed CD in the quiz show arranged by Šiaulių bankas.

The eleventh business exhibition in Šiauliai is traditionally organized by the Municipality of Šiauliai, Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Association of Šiauliai Industrialists as well as by the public institution “Trečiasis tūkstantmetis”. The Exhibition is going to last for three days and 138 enterprises from Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and France are going to present their production and services there.
Various seminars, discussions will take place during the Exhibition as well as consultations to the businesspeople and both production and activity presentations organized by the enterprises. Besides the popular singer Alanas Chošnou the visitors will have opportunity to listen to the wind orchestra as well as to the bands “Crazy Crow” and “Kitava”.