According to the quality of customer service Šiaulių bankas is among the best banks in Lithuania


Šiaulių bankas, which over the past few years rapidly improved customer services, in the last year reached 95.7 per cent of customer service quality indicator: it is the second best result among all the 7 surveyed Lithuanian banks. The banking sector average was 89.5 per cent.

Results of the investigation carried out in the eighth consecutive year by the research company Dive Lietuva (Slapto pirkėjo tyrimai UAB) showed that Šiaulių bankas’ customer service index has grown by 5.4 percentage points and now meets the highest level of quality.

“Such a high customer service rate, Šiaulių bankas’ record, is the result of the efforts and changes  carried out over the past several years. After having set the strategic goal to become one of the best domestic customer service banks, we paid a lot of attention to the preparation of staff: we have developed and implemented the customer service quality standard, performance evaluation, measurement and incentive systems and implemented other important reforms. The good news is that this complex change program brings tangible results: we find it not only in the survey results, but also in the daily interaction with the bank's clients”, said Daiva Šorienė, Šiaulių bankas Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Business Development Division.

According to the information of Dive Lietuva, Šiaulių bankas’ customer service quality indicator in 2014 stood at 84.8 per cent and in 2015 already at 90.3 per cent.

The study evaluated a variety of customer service criteria: the bank unit's environment, the service employee's appearance, making a contact, client needs clarification, communication skills, proposal submission and arguments, additional sales, ending the contact. The results showed that all assessed Šiaulių bankas’ criteria, except for the contact end, are rated with 90 per cent and a higher score. In particular, additional sales criteria improved much: from 58 per cent in 2015 to 90 per cent in 2016.

Mystery Shopper survey was conducted in five major cities, randomly selected bank branches. Five Šiaulių bankas branches were assessed with the maximum points: these include Akropolis and Žardė customer service departments in Klaipėda, Kaunas branch central unit, Šiauliai Karaliaučius customer service department and Panevėžys customer service centre.