AB Šiaulių bankas’ group’s profit has grown by one and a half times per year


During 2007 the assets managed by Šiaulių bankas’ group increased by 48 per cent, i.e. by LTL 667 million and late in the year reached more than LTL 2 billion.

The shareholders’ equity of Šiauliu bankas’ Group grew by 54 per cent and comprised LTL 289 million as of December 31st 2007. The stable operations of the whole banking group lead to LTL 24,4 million in consolidated net profit which is almost by 7 per cent more than in 2006 when LTL 22,8 million were earned.

At the beginning of the accounting period Šiaulių bankas Group managed the loan portfolio of LTL 1,359 billion, which increased by 54 per cent, and the leasing portfolio of LTL 121,6 million, which increased by 56 per cent in the course of the year.

Šiauliu bankas’ Group consists of Šiaulių bankas AB with its 52 regional outlets as of December 31st 2007 and of three bank’s subsidiaries: “Šiaulių banko lizingas” UAB, “Šiaulių banko turto fondas” UAB and  “Šiaulių banko investicijų valdymas” UAB.

Seeking to dispose of the activities not inherent to the bank Šiaulių bankas sold the block of shares of “Pajūrio Alka” UAB in 2007.