A student of the VMU received a nominal scholarship of Šiaulių bankas


On the eve of the St.John's Day Šiaulių bankas granted a nominal scholarship to a student of the Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) for the fourth time in turn. This time it went to Martynas Kazlauskas, the postgraduate of VMU economy and management who had been studying really well.

While granting the scholarship Mindaugas Plečkaitis, Head of Kaunas region and Director of Kaunas branch who also is the VMU first group graduate said : "This year Vytautas Magnus University calibrates 25th anniversary of its restoration, however, its history goes back much further and solidly counts more than 90 years. Thousands and thousands of young people graduated from the university over this period. Thousands more will graduate in the future. I would like to wish that there would be more of such diligent and persistent students as Martynas. Today, this student is a great example to everyone as he is encouraging other classmates to get more interested in their studies, to deepen the knowledge, to cope with the challenges of life and to pursue their goals."

Martynas Kazlauskas is an inhabitant of Kaunas who studies at the Faculty of Economy and Management of the VMU and is the first year post-graduate student of a study programme Arrangement and Management of Firms. This guy being a person of reduced mobility takes his studies very seriously and persistently seeks for academic highs.

Šiaulių bankas and VMU have been collaborating since March 2013 and are focusing their partnership towards cooperation of business skills and scientific knowledge. This initiative is going to be continued.