A Start-Up Car Nomination of Šiaulių Bankas at The Car of the Year 2018


As the partner of the competition Šiaulių Bankas has traditionally established its nomination for The Car of the Year. This time the bank will offer to select the most dynamic car under The  Start-Up Car nomination.

"We understand that buying a car is a very responsible decision. One needs to consider both practical and emotional aspects,  the car should not only be reliable and environmentally friendly but also supposed to bring delighted. Therefore,  for the competition 2018 Šiaulių Bankas has established the  nomination which is especially related to emotion - it's speed. By adopting flexible and fast solutions, we strive to make the clients pleased not only while they are driving a dynamic car, but also when they are able to  quickly  sign a lease agreement", - said Director of Leasing Department of Šiaulių Bankas Mindaugas Vasilauskas.

According to Šiaulių Bankas, the number of the clients who purchased new cars was increasing.  During the nine months of this year Šiaulių Bankas signed 58 per cent more lease agreements relating to new cars than during the same period last year. The Car of the Year nominations are intended to make it easier to choose for those who are considering to purchase a new car.

This year, 34 cars claim for 11 different nominations. The Start-UP Car nomination will be granted to a car which will be the first to accelerate to a speed of 100 km / h.

The candidates for the "Lithuanian Car  of the Year 2018" will be announced on 27 November. The winners of all nominations will be revealed on 2 December.

The Auto club of the Lithuanian journalists  has been organizing The Car of the Year competition for the twenty first time. For more information see pressauto.lt.